Knoppers teams up with us to bring an advertising scorcher to the UK

Humorous, attention-grabbing, entertaining – Knoppers makes its UK debut with two witty launch ads in the style of a TV weather forecast. But the perpetually cheerful television presenter isn’t informing us of what we can expect from the skies over the next few days. Instead, he reveals the interplay of delicious ingredients inside a Knoppers slice, layer by layer – from the crisp waffle and hazelnut cream dotted with nut pieces, through the milk cream, all the way to the refined cocoa topping. The ad closes with a feel-good catchphrase in keeping with the weather forecast concept, ‘It’s cheering up nicely.’

The idea behind it: in markets in which products like Knoppers are unknown, we place the communicative focus entirely on the product presentation – almost like giving viewers a lesson in Knoppers pleasure. To round this idea off, the two TV spots end with typical, but different situations in which people go for Knoppers – as a quick snack in the workplace and sharing a Knoppers moment with the family. Both TV ads have been used in parallel on wide-reaching TV channels in the UK since 8 September.

Dr Lars Lammers, consulting managing director at Pahnke Markenmacherei, states, ‘We are convinced that new product classes need an explanation when launched on international markets. We therefore start at zero and introduce Knoppers, from its very constitution all the way to its enjoyment. We also aim to launch Knoppers in China in the same way.’

Managing Director Jan Rexhausen, who is in charge of creation, explains, ‘We took advantage of the TV environment and created an entertaining format that scores in all of the main aspects of communication, from concept to implementation, from message to purchase motivation.’


Customer: August Storck KG
Brand/product: Knoppers
Agency: Pahnke Markenmacherei
Film production: blmfilm
Live-action director: Jamie Lane
Food Demo director: Will van der Vlugt
Agency contacts:
Lars Lammers (managing director - consulting)
Jan Rexhausen (managing director - creation)
Christian Domnick (manager brand consulting)
Alexandra Detsch (brand consultant)
Cornelius Kienemund (ECD)
Matthias Schepp (CD art)
Nico Schneider (copy)
Heike Feige (strategy)
Patrick Höchstetter (head of TV)

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Dr Lars Lammers
Managing Director - Consulting
Pahnke Markenmacherei
Ludwigstraße 14
20357 Hamburg, Germany
+49 (0)40 24 82 12 236