‘As long as it's fun’: the new, international TV ad for Toffifee

It's something we're all familiar with – that not everything in life goes perfectly. But how should we deal with less than perfect situations? Ideally, by having fun and sticking together! At any rate that's the message behind the new Toffifee advertisement which has been created by Pahnke Markenmacherei and will be broadcast in Poland from calendar week 7 and in Slovenia from calendar week 9. In the second half of the year the campaign will continue with flights in Sweden and Hungary. The client is August Storck KG.

The spot features stories of small mishaps in everyday family life as told from the perspective and using the voices of children. The motto: ‘Not everything goes perfectly for us, but as long as we're having fun, it's fine.’ That's because ‘there's lots of fun to be had in Toffifee’. The ads, produced in lengths of 30, 25 and 20 seconds, close with the famous claim and the family enjoying Toffifee together.

‘Our goal was to make the spot as realistic and authentic as possible’, explains Jan Rexhausen, Managing Director Creation at Pahnke Markenmacherei. ‘For this reason we decided to work with the renowned director Liz Murphy again. It definitely paid off.’

The Australian-born director now based in London used lots of warmth and care when putting together her second ad for Toffifee after ‘Us’, which has already been broadcast successfully in Germany.

Managing Director Lars Lammers adds: ‘We're very lucky to have gotten Liz Murphy back on board. We firmly believe that emotionality is a decisive factor when successfully advertising products in marketing's supreme discipline: fast moving consumer goods.’


Client: Storck
Agency: Pahnke Markenmacherei
Film producers: blmfilm
Director: Liz Murphy
Agency team:
Lars Lammers (Managing Director Consulting)
Jan Rexhausen (Managing Director Creation)
Fabian Dietrich (Director Brand Consulting)
Christian Domnick (Manager Brand Consulting)
Verena Feichtner (Brand Consultant)
Cornelius Kienemund (Executive Creative Director)
Matthias Schepp (Creative Director)
Ulrike Hamer (Text)
Heike Feige (Strategy)
Patrick Höchstetter (Head of TV)


Dr Lars Lammers
Managing Partner
Pahnke Markenmacherei
Ludwigstraße 14
20357 Hamburg
+49 (0)40 248 212 236