We have ‘Riesen’ to celebrate a huge TV comeback by bringing the cult Storck brand back to the box

For a long time, everything was quiet around the traditional Storck Riesen brand, which continues to enjoy a very high level of brand awareness to this day. The aim is to make the cult sweet with the intense and long-lasting chocolate taste appeal to a younger target group. To do this, we developed an eye-catching TV campaign. At the heart of the communication measures are young protagonists who remain unexpectedly relaxed and confident even in highly stressful situations thanks to Riesen.

Our managing director consulting Dr Lars Lammers explains: ‘By drawing an analogy between the product’s character and the target group’s sense of self, we establish identification with the brand. We make a relevant offer to all those who wish to feel confident and relaxed or already do so.’

The TV campaign developed for our client Storck will be broadcast on channels with a wide reach throughout Germany from 5 June. Our head of creation Jan Rexhausen was responsible for conceiving and creating the commercials. The 15-second adverts were produced by Markenfilm. 



Client: August Storck KG
Brand/product: Riesen
Direction: Andres Köpper und Arun Tamm
Agency: Pahnke Markenmacherei
Person responsible on the agency side:
Lars Lammers (managing director consulting)
Jan Rexhausen (managing director creation)
Stefan Behrens (manager brand consulting)
Meike Schlerkmann (brand consulting)
Knut Laukamp (ECD)
Matthias Schepp (CD art)
Michael Zimmermann (CD text)
Daniel Zier (AD)
Maike Hammerschmidt (text)
Patrick Höchstetter (head of TV)
Film production: Markenfilm
Post production: Infected

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