A golden oldie brought up to date: new ‘Grandpa Hansen’ captivates Japan

An updated and charming version of one of the most successful advertising campaigns of the 1980s is delighting viewers in the East Asia. In 1987, the famous ad for Werther’s Original butter candies in their gold wrappers went down in advertising history. Grandpa Hansen, the kindly grandfather shown telling his beloved grandson tales from his own childhood, touched people’s hearts here in Germany. We have now introduced a lovingly modernised remake of the classic ad for the international markets.

Managing director Dr Lars Lammers explains, ‘The role models of the 1980s are no longer relevant today, of course. So we followed the tradition of the old ad, but incorporated modern images. It’s now perfectly aligned with the way today’s generations see themselves.’

The TV ad campaign, developed for our client Storck, is celebrating its premiere in Japan, where it will be aired on high-profile stations with immediate effect. There are also plans to use it for other international markets. Jan Rexhausen, managing director of creation, oversaw the development of the commercial. The 30-second ad was produced by e+p films.


Client: August Storck KG
Brand/product: Werther’s Original
Director: Samuel Bennets
Film production: e&p films
Agency: Pahnke Markenmacherei
Responsible agency staff:
Lars Lammers (managing director consulting)
Jan Rexhausen (managing director creation)
Knut Laukamp (ECD)
Sophie Fuchs (copy & conception)
Stefan Behrens (manager brand consulting)
Verena Feichtner (brand consultant)
Patrick Höchstetter (head of TV)

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