How horny is that then? The big Curry King Show

We developed a completely new communication approach for Germany’s number one Currywurst brand. The new campaign can be seen on TV and the Internet from February.

The ads are totally geared towards fans of the brand, because with Jim and Bob, two inveterate Curry King fans themselves, the Curry King Show Wie geil ist das denn? (humorously and literally translated as ‘How horny is that then?’) has found its way onto TV screens, tablets, smartphones and computers. In a lighthearted and likeable manner, the two men present helpful gadgets revolving around Curry King, perfectly tailored to the needs of real Curry King fans.

‘Branding just doesn’t get any bigger than this,’ says Mark Alzer, our man responsible for looking after Meica. ‘In the style of an American shopping channel, it’s all about the brand from start to finish.’ The three different ads are concluded by the new slogan ‘Genau mein King’ “Exactly my King”), demonstrating the brand’s claim as number one.

The original extended cuts of the ads can be seen exclusively here on How horny is that then?!

TV & Online


Client: Meica
Brand/product: Curry King
Direction: Kay Kienzler
Production: FoxDevil Films
Agency: Pahnke Markenmacherei
Post produktion: DELI Creative Collective
Person responsible on the agency side:
Lars Lammers (managing director consulting)
Jan Rexhausen (managing director creation)
Markus Alzer (director brand consulting)
Carl-Maria Pfefferkorn (brand consultant)
Carsten Reese (ECD)
Natalie Warth (CD art)
Jan-Olaf Süssmilch (CD text)
Michael Dahlmann (AD)
Jeanette Cejchan (text)
Gerrit Sperhake (director strategie)
Massimo Göttsche (ECD packaging & design)
Alexander Klank (design director)
Katrin Hauffe (designer)
Patrick Höchstetter (head of TV)
Derk Buß (production)
Julia Pfefferlen (production)


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